Friday, June 8, 2012

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How To Set Transparent Image Using PhotoShop

This Is my first Tutorial about Photoshop, Little Nervous here :)
ok, Now , i'll show you how to make it Transparent, Let's Compare with two images i have
No Transparent

Click the Image above To Compare, and you will see waht's the difference. the common filetypes that you can use to set transparent are PNG , TIFF, GIF. But i use PNG. is this  Necessary??
No, This is not necessary, but if you use the Transparent Image , it looks better than no tranparent  baceuse it has white color.

  • Firstly, Open Up your file then select with Quick Selection tool (W) and select area that you want to keep,
    Look At Picture #1
  • Then choose  Layer>New>Layer Via Cut
  • After that, you will have two layers, choose the layer that you want to set Transparent
  • Now Delete the Layer and save as PNG image
    Or the other way .
  • Select the layer to Set Transparent, Layer>Layer Style>Blending Options
  • Set The Opacity as you wish
  • Then Save as PNG
Allright, you are finish, easy step
i prefer use the image that have transparency , it looks better on my blog ,Please Comment If u like My Post
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