Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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How To Make Paypal Donate Us Button On Blogspot

Nowdays, many blogger and website founder use Paypal on their monetize problem. Paypal serves some services like :

  • Shop online
    Pay quickly and easily at thousands of websites.
  • Pay on eBay
    Make secure purchases on eBay.
  • Send Money
    Send money from 190 countries and regions worldwide.
  • Pay in your preferred currency
    Choose from 24 currencies.
  • PayPal services worldwide
    Find out what services, languages, and payment options are available in your country or region.
  • Donate Button
  • Etc
those are some services from Paypal, in this tutorial , i will show you how to create paypal donate Us Button. Firstly , you must have Paypal Account , after you have the account, Click  Donations on the Key Feature.

Then fill up all the Steps and Click Create Button. after that , you will see the code . Go to Blogger and create New HTML Widget and Paste the code.
finally, you will see the button on your Blog.
Example :

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