Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Pure CSS3 And Jquery Dropdown Menu

Two days ago , i surfed web and i saw something beauty ,Dropdown menu that uses pure CSS3 Dropdown and of course there is no image on it , the most important benefit of using CSS3 is making your site load faster. Here Is The Demo Video :

What are you waiting for???
Let's Grab this

File Size no more than 2KB (compressed)

How To Edit the Code ???

  • Find " Main_link" And "Main_descripition" and replace it
  • and for the child menu , just search "Child_Description" and "child_link" and replace with your own setting

How To Add the Code ???

Go to >> Pageelements >> Add new gadget >> Add HTML// Java Script
then, paste the code

Please Ask me if you havesome problem with this
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