Thursday, July 26, 2012

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How To Detect Virus Manually On Windows

Nowadays, viruses becomes a big fear for all over brainware.Not only on windows , the Viruses also attack Mac and Linux too, and of course you know, linux only get small of the effect if it has infected by virus. even thought , you must concern what's the effect for you PC . virus can spread in many method just like spreading from Internet, Regularly  uses flashdrive to copy the file from computer to another computer, or you execute the virus itself.
in this time, i want to share to you how to detect and disable the virus in simple way without using expensive anti virus.

  • Detect From System Configuration
Open your System configuration. to do it, just your start menu then Type "msconfig" (without quotes) , it will open your System configuration. Next, click on startup tab and you will see the list of the programs that currently run when your computer start up.
So, How to detect it,click to see the image below

the list number five is the virus, it often use random character for the name and placed inside your Document settings (win XP) or users (Win Se7en) instead on the program files or windows folder.
in windows seven Will be easier to detect because it has more detail like Manufacture and location
So , How do i solve the virus ???
  1. mark your virus location ,uncheck it then hit apply / ok
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Delete your virus

  • Detect virus from Flashdrive or on the hard drive
commonly, virus on the drive always use autorun script "autorun.inf" to execute itself and spread up your PC, or you will find this :
Look at that, it has Ms Word Doc icon but see the extension and type , it's exe or Application instead Ms Doc Files, many newbie in this world have been fooled by this stupid things. the principle of taht virus is faking the doc file, it hides you original file and it shows infected exe files

So , How do i prevent the virus ???
  1. if you want to copy the data from your flash drive, always use left click then hit explore, instead double clicking your flash drive, this method will prevent the spreading of virus, if you use double click, it will automatically Execute the Autorun Script "Autorun.inf
  2. you can change your flash drive icon, when it change the icon, it means you've been infected by virus.
  3. you can use Smadav free version to lock the autorun.inf .I like that tools simple but reliable, it can lock but it is not easy to remove in simple way, you can unlock it using smadav
  • Detect From Task Manager
    Detect from the Task Manager is quite same like Configuration System, You only need to terminate the virus from task manager, then disable it with System configuration
Alright , that's all
I hope you can learn something in this post, Please kindly to Subscribe or Comment below if you get some confuse
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