Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Change Blogspot Font With Custom Font

Hello There....
firstly i wanna say sorry about my English, secondly i appreciate that you've visited my blog, and this is the tutorial for Change your default font setting ,you must be bored about your own font, and this tutorial is right for you to customize your blog. 

Is that Possible to use another True Type Font????
and i will say "Yes"

  • Then "Click Add to Collection" every font you like, once you've done, Click Use on bottom right of the page.
  • From there, you Must Choose it Wisely, then look at to speedometer , never use too many and heavy font, it'll increase your webpage load time.
  • Scroll down the page and you will find this
  • Look at the number 3, Copy the following code and paste it before </head>
  • In this part, you define which font is the best for Header , Post Title , Post or etc. this the most difficult part for beginner. Because, every blogger have their own template. So, this is the only i can tell, the basic css code :
#header h1 {font-family:FontName;} */ This css style for Header Title /* 
.description {font-family:FontName;} */ This css style for Header description /*
.sidebar h2 {font-family:FontName;} */ This css style for Sidebar Title /* 
.post h3 {font-family:FontName;} */ This css style for post Title /* 
.post {font-family:FontName;} */ This css style for post body /* 
#footer h2 {font-family:FontName;} */ This css style for footer Title /* 
body {font-family:FontName;} */ This css style for whole template /*
  • find the code above and don't forget to change fontname with your choosed font name. 
Easy step right???
But you must know which fonts and which places are suitable with your style and your blog.
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