Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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How to Use FeedBurner On Blogspot

Many Bloggers want their blog have much traffic, Before i start to explain how to make it, we must now what is feedBurner...

What are Feeds?? XML RSS and ATOM...
feeds is the way to deliver or distribute website content to audience or reader, feeds permit subscription and it will delivered via e-mail or etc.

What's the benefit of Feeds???
If you have a good quality content your visitor will register to your RSS or feedburner , they will receive your post update. so , they will back to your website,that's the simple explaination. beside it, your feed will be publish
Who publishes feeds?
Most of the biggest names on the web offer content feeds including USATODAY.comBBC News HeadlinesABCNewsCNETYahoo!Amazon.com (including a podcast!), and many more. Google publishes feeds as part of many of our services; for example, you can get a feed of new items for any search you make in Google News. In addition, hundreds of thousands of bloggers, podcasters, and videobloggers publish feeds to keep themselves better connected to their readers, listeners, admirers, and critics. Apple, through its iTunes Music Store, offers tens of thousands of audio and video podcasts for download, each of which is powered by a feed.Source support.google.com
How To  Burn your Feed In FeedBurner???

  • Open Up FeedBurner , then fill the box with your blog address and Click Next
  • Choose RSS or Atom. then, give the title and feed address, Next
  • Click Next, and Choose your option
  • alright, your in halfway

  • Click Publicize tab , Choose e-mail subscriptions, Then Activate 
  • Use as widget in , Choose Blogger , GO
  • On the Publicize tab, Choose Pingshot "Activate". Awarness API "Activate"
  • after that, click on Optimize Tab , Smartfeed "activate"
  • Alright, You've Finished, you can choose another option as you like.
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