Friday, May 25, 2012

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Make Link Exchange Widget Blogspot

  • What Is Link Exchange ???
    a Link Exchange is The way to make a relation between you and your friend,
  • How to do it??
    u only need to add your friend banner to your website and ask him/her to add your banner too
The benefits of it are :
  • Increase Traffic of your website
  • get new friends
allright, this is Mine :

==>> My Banner

==>> copy the code to your widget

\\\\\  My Friends 
/////  Banner

How to make the Widget ???
  • add new widget to your blog and choose HTML/javascript, Then Copy This Code :
<a "Your_Link" target="_blank"><img border="0"
<p><textarea rows="5" cols="13"><a rel="dofollow" href="  Your_Link "
title=" your_description"
target="_blank"><img border="0"
src=" Your_Image_Link "/></a></textarea></p>
if you want to add your friend's banner, just copy your friend's banner and paste it to the bottom of your widget....
easy... :D
Don't forget to add my banner :)
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